2013 Rover News

Christmas Tree Thank You
December 23, 2013
This Holiday Season the Easton Area High School Baseball program would like to thank the following people who played a big role in our annual Christmas Tree Sale and community service of delivering trees to families in the Easton Area School District who are in need. Without their help bringing the Holiday spirit to these families would not be possible.

Coach Hess – each year coordinates and organizes the community service part of this venture with our schools to make the delivery as well as working in many other parts of the fundraiser in order to make it all work – without his hard work this would not be a success.

Coaches Kanusky, Rusnock, Sheridan, Bisco, Hess, Thomas, and LaDuca for set up and daily work surrounding the 10 days spent in sales. Ron Wood also spent many days working with the group to help the cause.

Several parents and players took part in helping the cause – we appreciate their service greatly!!!!!!

The following families or people either donated toys, decorations, and or donated trees to the program for needy families. Their generosity made for the success of our community service effort. We thank them sincerely!!!!!!!!

The Mitch Family
The Briskie Family
EAEA Teachers Association
The Naiden Family
Bob and Kim Smith
Maryanne Scheetz
John Bisco Family
Jim Millets
Ryan DeLong
Sean Richmond
Cathy Syariff
Ron Wood
The Castrovinci Family
Cathy Gretta
Dan Gonzalez
Matt Velekei
The Kosa Family
The McKee Family
The Sartori Family
The Kelchner Family
Jim Haney
The Benson Family
The Veres Family
EASD Math Interventionists
EAHS Custodial Staff
Jill Smith
Tony Ventola
Mike Simonetta
Donna Detweiler
Tara Barone
The Falcone Family
The Mohap Family

A BIG thank you to the EASD maintenance staff under the leadership of Tim Case for their help with our physical set up to sell the trees. We also thank the community for their support in this endeavor each year!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!

EAHS Baseball Coaching Staff and Players

Today's Intramural workout has been postponed
December 19, 2013
Today's (December 19, 2013) Intramural workout has been postponed - please check www.roverbaseball.com to see scheduled intramural dates in January. Both Hitting and Pitching will begin after vacation.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Christmas Tree Delivery
December 15, 2013
Easton Baseball Players will deliver trees to families in our school district on Monday evening at 6pm.....players should report at 5:30 to the field to load the trucks and wear something associated with Easton Baseball.....we have the red team jackets available for players who need one for the night. Please dress warm as temperatures will be in the 20's during delivery. All players are invited.

The Diamond Club meeting scheduled for Monday evening has been postponed due to this event and will be rescheduled for Jan. 6, 2014.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Christmas Picture Notice
December 10, 2013
All players are invited to take part in our Christmas picture being taken by Bill Fisk from Fisk's Camera Shop at 3pm Wednesday for our annual Christmas card from Easton Baseball. Winter sports players on other teams are encouraged to be part of the picture as well....The picture is important for our program and should take just a few minutes to complete.

Players should meet near the camper by the gate to the baseball field.....please try to wear something that has Easton Baseball on it.....we have the team jackets for those who might need to borrow one.

Workout Schedule Week of December 3-6
December 3, 2013
Tuesday and Wednesday - Warrior Fit at 3:30pm
Wednesday and Friday - EAHS workouts at 2:30pm

A big thank you to the following players and parents for their help with the Thanksgiving Day Program Sales - Mr. Bonfanti, Mrs. Samus, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith, John Desmond, Tyler Honor, Blake Fontaine, Bryan Reagle, Pete Violante, Garrett Connor, Sean Boylan, Mike Poloso, Amir Pettiford, Alex Kounoupis, Che Kounoupis, Javier Irizarry, and Stephen Young.

Also - thank you to all the players who helped unload the Xmas Trees on Friday morning. Currently - we have sold 88 trees to date with 14 donated trees to needy families as of Dec. 3, 2013 in a very successful first weekend.

Players, Parents, Coaches, etc. helping out with sales this weekend were Troy Naiden, Sean Samus, Sean McKee, Austin Veres, Tom Spray, Anthony Sartori, Conor Smith, Christopher Hess and Mr. Samus and Mr. Smith, Coaches Hess, Rusnock, Kanusky, LaDuca, and Ron Wood.

Please help spread the word about our sale. More players are needed week nights between the hours of 5-6:15 and 6:15-7:30 and weekends anytime during the day between 11am - 7pm. It is expected that you come and support the program and spend some time helping with this cause. See one of the coaches regarding your participation and the times you are able to help. If all of us pitch in the time spent will be very beneficial to the program and also to the spirit of the season.....as usual we will wrap up our sale with the donation evening to needy families.

Next Diamond Club Meeting will be Monday December 16, 2013 in rom C111 at 7pm.

Christmas Trees are Arriving
November 28, 2013
Christmas Trees are arriving around 9am on Friday morning the 29th at the baseball field. We would like as many players as possible to come and help unload the 200 trees.

We also expect player volunteers to help during the sales daily. Please come and help our program through this sale - see the coaches about helping when you can.

Weight Training/Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Tree Sales Announcements
November 24, 2013
Warrior Fit will be held Monday and Tuesday this week.

EAHS workouts are scheduled for Monday currently with a second day to follow after meeting with players Monday.

Two very important events this week that your help is needed:

1. Thanksgiving Day Program Sales.... we are in need of players to help with this endeavor. We sell at each gate during pre game and during the first half. I would like our younger players - Juniors through Freshmen to take part in this. Our seniors are experiencing their last game and I would like them to be able to be in the student section the entire time. The sellers will be able to watch the game while being stationed at the gates and some will roam the walkways etc during the first quarter. We will get you in the game if you do not have a ticket. We could also use a few additional parent volunteers to monitor. We currently have a few who have offered. Please let Coach LaDuca know by Tuesday. We need about 6 more players. Contact me at laducac@eastonsd.org

2. Our yearly Christmas Tree Sale begins on Saturday November 30, 2013 at 9am. Delivery will be Friday November 29 at 9am.....all players are expected to help unload the truck that morning - make arrangement to be there - the process does not take long....... During the few weeks we sell them it is expected that all players make arrangements in their schedule to spend a few hours during these days to help in this process. Please communicate to the coaches what days will work for you. There are many players who can share this load fairly. Weekday Hours are 4-8 and weekends will be 9am - 8pm. No one expects you to be there daily or even for long periods of time. What we would like is small groups of players to come in shifts to help the coaches with the process. The coaching staff is committed to this fundraiser and covers every hour along with other adult volunteers in the community to make this a success for our program. This does not fall on your parents - it is a player responsibility. Please encourage your family and friends, neighbors, etc to purchase a tree from Easton Baseball. If someone does not use a live tree - encourage them to donate one to a needy Easton school child's family! The season is truly about giving and we would like to help with that community service. Gifts, used toys, lights, decorations donations are encouraged also as we will deliver them to needy families as well!

Workout Schedule week of November 11-15
November 11, 2013
Warrior Fit Testing will be held this Wednesday and Thursday at 3:30 at Warrior Fit gym on Sheridan Ave in Palmer Twp...the old Sheridan Printing building for those players interested in those workouts. The first two will be at no cost for testing. Coach Rusnock is making the arrangements and will oversee the program. Several players have already talked with Coach Rusnock and anyone else interested should let him know of your interest by Wed. at 2:20pm. We strongly encourage those players who can do so to attend. Ted Snow is a professional and runs a tremendous workout for players who want to improve both their core and speed. All players are welcome to try this regardless of grade level.

Those players who will not be attending will work out at the high school weight room immediately after school on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Players can meet in the varsity baseball locker room each day to change. All players are welcome in any grade level!

Easton Baseball Diamond Club Meeting - Nov. 11 - 7pm
November 7, 2013
The Easton Baseball Coaching Staff and Diamond Club supporters wish to send out this message to you as an invite to be a part of the upcoming meetings that will take place in order to further enhance the baseball program. The recipients of this email are contacts that were given to us last year from members of the program. Any new parents of incoming participants are welcome also. Please spread the word to all who are interested. If at any time you can not make a meeting - information is available at www.roverbaseball.com.

Below is a brief description of what the club does throughout the year:

For those of you who are not familiar with this club, it is the booster club for all three Easton baseball teams made up of parents and coaches. We meet monthly during the school year and help to plan fundraisers and receive information regarding our sons and their teams. The meetings are short and do not involve much time and effort. We invite you to get involved. New faces are most welcome and encouraged! Your help is needed to keep our baseball fields up-to-date, looking great and most of all safe. In addition, this club provides the uniforms and equipment for all the players. You will make new friends and acquaintences and your son will be happy for your support!

First Meeting:
Monday - Nov. 11, 2013 7pm in room C111 (Enter Main Gym doors turn left - room behind athletic office area)

Main Topics:
Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser
Thanksgiving Day Program Sales
Spring Bingo Discussion
and Other important dates and events....

Hope to see you there!

Benchmark Testing Information
October 30, 2013
Easton Baseball 2013 Benchmark Testing (Fall) will be held OCT. 31, 2013.

Objective: All interested players whether they played in the Fall or not are invited to attend this testing to give the coaching staff a baseline number of where each individual currently stands prior to Winter workouts.

Items Tested:
1. 60 YD dash time
2. Home to first time
3. Outfielders – Release exit speed from throw to home plate.
4. Infielders – All go to SS - Release speed from throw to first base
5. Catchers – Pop times glove to glove home to second

Weight Training / Core Training / Cardio Training will begin Tuesday November 5th immediately after school. Players should meet on the field after changing. All grades 9-12 are eligible to participate.

Players interested in doing the Warrior Fit workout should see Coach Rusnock next week as the program would start Tuesday November 12th. There is a cost related to this program paid by the participant of $10 per workout.

October 29, 2013
All fall baseball players on the varsity level should report to an after school testing period on the field at 2:45 Thursday. This has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday . Please communicate with Coach LaDuca if there is an issue attending. It is important that you be present for this testing.

Players will need their gloves and equipment.

Players will be tested on arm speed from positions, 60 yard dash, catcher's POP times, etc. to give us data to use for pre winter workouts.

Weight training and conditioning will start next week - a detailed schedule will be discussed and put on the website this week.

Fall Baseball Championship Tonight
October 16, 2013
The fall championship will be played at 6pm tonight at Hackett Park in Easton.

Easton A will play Easton B......the coaching staff is excited that our Easton kids have played so well in this fall league and have put themselves in position to play in this championship. It is a win-win for our school and our program regardless of the winner tonight!

Players should report between 5:00 and 5:10 pm for pre game warmups.

Fall Baseball Championship Tenative Date
October 14, 2013
The Championship game between both Easton fall baseball teams is still currently up in the air. Scheduled work being done to our fields at EAHS has begun and renders our field not usable due to new sod being put down in spots and other work being done in preparation for the spring prior to the winter. We are trying to arrange use of Hackett Park but need the city's permission. We are also trying to dodge wet weather this week etc.....Tentatively we are looking to try for Wednesday evening at 6pm at Hackett park but that is not confirmed. An announcement will be posted here on Wed. morning with details regarding the game and if and when it will take place.

The Coaching staff is excited about each of the teams reaching the final and having a successful fall!

Fall Baseball Championship
October 9, 2013
The championship for the fall baseball league has come down to Easton A who defeated Northampton today 4-1 in 8 innings versus Easton B who defeated Wilson 10-0 today.

The Championship game (an all Easton final) is scheduled for 3:30 pm Thursday at Richards Field weather permitting - if rain postpones the game it will be scheduled for Monday next week with specific details to follow!

Schedule Change
October 8, 2013
Note: Anyone who owes money for Batting Gloves must pay for them by the end of the week as the order is arriving soon!

Schedule Change:

Fall Baseball games scheduled for today have been moved to Wednesday Oct. 8 at 4pm due to poor field conditions.

Easton A (defeated Freedom) will remain at Northampton at Bryfogle Park in Lehigh Twp. at 4pm
Easton B (defeated Nazareth) will remain at home against Wilson at 4pm.
JV game against Nazareth will be played on the Kunkle Tract at 4pm.

Fall Baseball Games are postponed
October 7, 2013
Today's Fall Baseball Games are postponed due to the heavy rain and weather.

The Varsity game at Bryfogle Field - Easton A vs. Northampton is postponed until tomorrow at 4pm. The Varsity Game with Wilson at Easton B at home is postponed until tomorrow at 4pm.

The JV Game on the Kunkle field vs Nazareth today is postponed. The makeup date is to be decided. Future information will be relayed by Coach Bisco on Twitter later today.

Playoff Schedule for Monday
October 6, 2013
The fall team who defeated Freedom will play on Monday at Northampton - Bryfogle field at 4 pm - take rt 248 into Bath and continue for 10 miles on rt 248 to Berlinsville - field is located on the left right after Becky's Drive In movie theater.

The team who beat Nazareth will be at home against Wilson at 4pm

If weather is an issue an announcement will be made at school prior to 2:20 pm

Fall Baseball Playoffs Announcement
October 2, 2013
Our playoff fall league is starting tomorrow. Games will be played under PIAA rules for batting order.

The following players are scheduled to play in the playoff game at Freedom High School at 4pm Thursday: Players should meet Coach Kanusky and Coach Rusnock by the field by 2:45pm.

Jarrid Kosa
Kris Juan
Austin Veres
Sean McKee
Tom Spray
Sean Boylan
Stephen Young
Corey Webb
Calo Stone
Ryan Amentler
Kyle Heins
Devon Shedlock
Anthony Sartori
Matt Fitch
Lakota Smith
Ryan Schaming

The following players should report to the varsity field to play against Nazareth at Home at 4pm.

Erik Oakley
Tyler Honor
Conor Smith
Casey Brown
Matt Allen
Elizer Nunez
Bryan Reagle
Jake Lisinicchia
James Warga
Ryan Bonfanti
Troy Naiden
Adam Martino
Will Raisner
Jayson Mitch
Luis Hernandez

Fall Baseball Announcement
October 1, 2013
The following players should report for the game with Stroudsburg on Wednesday Oct. 2. being played at 4pm at Easton. All players will play on Thursday as Easton is entering two teams in the playoff round. Easton will be playing home against Nazareth at 4pm Thursday and Easton will be playing at Freedom at 4pm Thursday as well. Lists will be posted Wednesday for that day. It is a single elimination tournament. We are two of the 8 teams......Anyone who cannot play must contact me Wednesday at laducac@eastonsd.org - Do your very best to be part of the playoff round Thursday. SemiFinals will be Monday and Finals Wednesday next week.

Conor Smith
Anthony Sartori
Ryan Bonfanti
Tom Spray
Austin Veres
Casey Brown
Kris Juan
Tyler Honor
Stephen Young
Lakota Smith
Ryan Schaming
James Warga
Luis Hernandez
Matt Fitch
Jarrid Kosa
Matt Allen
Will Raisner
Devon Shedlock

Phillipsburg Game Has Been Rescheduled
September 26, 2013
Thursday's fall baseball with Phillipsburg has been moved to Monday Sept. 30 at 4pm. Players originally scheduled to play in that game should report for that game on Monday now.

The next game against Stroudsburg is scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 2. A list will be posted for that game by Tuesday the 1st of Oct.

Player listing for the week of 9/24-9/26
September 23, 2013
The following player listing is for the week of 9/24-9/26:

Some players will play twice this week where others only once. If you find your name only once you will automatically play next Wednesday against Stroudsburg as we have 4 games scheduled between Tuesday and next Wednesday. Each player will participate in two of those games. Again - schedules for players on travel teams and other work related requests were considered. Players scheduled once this week should choose a second day of their choice to come and put in a workout prior to one of the games.

Tuesday 9/24 against Phillipsburg at 4pm at Easton:

C. Brown
L. Smith
C. Smith

Wednesday vs. Nazareth at Easton 4pm

C. Smith

Thursday against P'Burg at Easton 4pm


Directions to Sammy Balliet Stadium
September 17, 2013
Sammy Balliet Stadium
Coplay Legion Field

Take Rt 22 west to Macarthur Rd Exit ( Lehigh Valley Mall) then Take MacArthur Road North to Center St. (10th light). Make a right. Go straight to the 2nd stop sign (Ruch St.). If you'd go straight you'd end up in a cemetery. At Ruch St. make a left. At the 2nd stop sign (Chestnut St.), make a right. Go straight on Chestnut St. to 8th St. and make a left. Balliet Stadium will be on your right.

Today's Games Postponed
September 13, 2013
Today's fall baseball game with P'Burg is postponed due to poor field conditions.

A brief practice will be held Monday after school for all fall varsity baseball players on the varsity field.

Coach LaDuca

Fall Baseball Schedule Updates and Directions
September 11, 2013
A JV Game has been scheduled for Thursday Sept. 12 on the Kunkle Tract Field at 4pm versus Bethlehem Catholic. Players should report to the field after school as soon as possible.

Monday - JV Game at Bryfogle Park - Lehigh Township against Northampton at 4:30pm - Travel must be provided by players parents.

Directions from Easton Area:
1. Take Rt 248 West
2. Follow Rt 248 West into Bath
3. Follow Rt 248 for approx. another 10 miles.
4. Turn left onto Aspen Dr (Bryfogle Park)
Berlinsville Hotel is on your right.
5. There are two parking lots. One immediately on your right on Aspen drive and one after the baseball field on your right.

Tuesday - Varsity at Whitehall at Coplay Park - 4pm
Tuesday - JV at Home vs. Nazareth on Varsity Field - 4pm
Thursday - Varsity at Home vs. Northampton - 4pm
Thursday - JV at home vs. PBurg on Kunkle Tract Field - 4pm

Weekly Schedule Fall Baseball 9/9 - 9-13
September 9, 2013
Monday - JV team vs. PBurg at Easton 4pm - Varsity Field
Tuesday - Practice - all Varsity players - Varsity Field 2:45pm
Wednesday - Wilson at Easton 4pm - Varsity Field
Thursday - Freedom at Easton 4pm - Varsity Field
Friday - Off

Tuesdays Games Postponed and Wednesday Schedule
September 4, 2013
Tuesday's varsity game Sept. 3 with Bethlehem Catholic has been rescheduled for Wednesday Sept. 4 due to poor field conditions. Players scheduled to play Tuesday will play Wed. and the players who are scheduled for Thursday's game with Nazareth remain the same. A brief practice for Thursday's varsity players will be held immediately after school until 3:45...... The JV game scheduled for Wednesday against Phillipsburg is currently still on and will be played on the Kunkle Tract Field at 4pm.

In summary - Wednesday Sept. 4, 2013

Varsity (Tuesday Team) vs. Beth. Catholic at 4pm Main Field
Varsity (Thursday Team) Light practice 2:45-3:45 Main Field
JV vs. P'Burg 4pm at Kunkle Field

Fall Baseball Player Announcement
September 3, 2013
ALL PLAYERS: The Fall Baseball League is a time for ALL players to gain valuable playing time and at bats to help promote their development. It is a time where each and every player is given time in competition and given equal numbers of games. The following points are important to understand as to the mission of what the Fall season is to bring to the player and the program.

The first week selections were based on the following ideas: Both Games are against Varsity opponents.

  • We wanted the majority of Seniors to play in game one – while this does not apply to all seniors – most will have that opportunity. Some seniors will be asked to play in game two due to pitching expectations and or positional needs that day. They will be mixed in future dates of games.
  • We are working diligently with some players who play on travel baseball teams and can only play on given days do to their schedule. So accommodations were made for some of those players in order to give them the opportunity to play in one game this week.
  • Certain Players were selected to play in game two due to positional needs. Pitching is a big concern – making sure we have the arms to complete the game is important.
  • Lastly - The Easton High School Varsity baseball team is not made during the fall. THIS IS NOT A TRYOUT period! Whether you are a Freshmen or a Senior, whether you played in the program last year or not, and whether you were a big contributor in the program does not matter during this Fall league. This is a time for you to compete for the betterment of you. The team is made during March! Nothing is guaranteed because of this involvement in the fall. Tryouts are in March!
The Coaching Staff will make sure that each player plays in some capacity during the game they are assigned. We will certainly try to get all players as many at bats and innings as possible.

Remember – The Fall is a great opportunity to become a better player. Seek out your coaches with questions on mechanics, mental sides of the game, and any other important aspects to the game of baseball.

Fall Baseball Player Lists
September 2, 2013
Week 1 Assignment for Games on Tuesday 9/3/13 and Thursday 9/5/13 for Varsity Team.

These lists are simply the assignment for Week 1 only. Each week the lists will change for the scheduled games. As we put in place additional games in week 2 players will get equal opportunity to play in an equal number of games over the course of the fall season.

Players scheduled for Thursday's game will practice from 2:45-3:45 on the Varsity Field prior to the game on Tuesday. They are free to go at the conclusion of their work. Players scheduled to play Tuesday will practice on Thursday from 2:45-3:45.

Players should wear red belts, red socks, and white pants…..Easton hats - whether black or black and red should be worn. Please be dressed and on field for pre - game by 3:00pm.

Week 1 Tuesday vs. Bethlehem Catholic 4pm

Erik Oakley
Jarrid Kosa
Conor Smith
Calo Stone
Tyler Honor
Calo Stone
Adam Martino
Casey Brown
Sean McKee
Ryan Bonfonti
Anthony Sartori
Bryan Reagle
Sean Boylan
Jake Lisinicchia
Troy Naiden
Will Raisner
Ryan Amentler

Week 1 – Thursday vs. Nazareth 4pm

Matt Fitch
Kyle Heins
Stephen Young
Lakota Smith
Ryan Schaming
Luis Hernandez
Corey Webb
Matt Allen
Tom Spray
Elizer Nunez
Austin Veres
John Desmond
Kris Juan
Devon Shedlock
Jayson Mitch
James Warga

Note : The first JV Game for grades 8-9-10 will be held on Wednesday 9/4/13 at 4pm vs. Phillipsburg at Easton.

Fall Practice Cancelled Today
August 28, 2013
Fall Ball practice for today Aug. 28 is postponed to tomorrow Thursday Aug. 29 due to rain today.

Grades 11-12 will practice immediately after school followed by Grades 9-10 at 5pm on the varsity field. It is extremely important that all attend for iumportant paperwork and schedules.

Games begin next Tuesday for Grades 11-12 and for Grades 9-10 on Wednesday. Please see Coach LaDuca in B220 with any question you may have.

Fall Baseball Announcement
August 27, 2013
Fall Baseball Practice will be held this Wednesday August 28 after school for all Grade 11-12 participants at the Main Baseball Field at 2:45pm. It is important that you attend to get paperwork and important schedule information, learn about costs, and to go through a team workout. Games will begin for this grade level next Tuesday Sept. 3.

Grades 8-9-10 will have practice on Thursday after school at 2:45pm also at the Main Baseball Field. It is important that you attend to get paperwork and important schedule information, learn about costs, and to go through a team workout. Games for this level are being scheduled now and could begin by the end of next week.

Please see Coach LaDuca in room B220 if you have any issues or questions.

Fall Baseball Sign Ups
August 9, 2013
All Easton Baseball players and anyone interested in participating in our Fall Baseball League should indicate their interest by emailing Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org by Friday - August 16, 2013. The 9 team league will consist of the following schools:

Northampton, Nazareth, Easton, Wilson, Phillipsburg, Bethlehem Catholic, Whitehall, Stroudsburg and Freedom.

We will primarily play Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout late August, September, and through Mid October.

A playoff single elimination tournament will be held to conclude the season. We should play at least 10 games minimum and we will have a Varsity level team and we are one of the schools that will have a younger team as well. A combined set of practices of all participants will be held to determine which team the participant will play with. The younger team will play 6-8 games. Costs for the league include balls, league insurance per player and team, umpires, team shirt. This is not affiliated with the PIAA or Easton High School Athletics, it is a player sponsored team. All players will be required to pay a minimal fee and fill out permission slips and intramural forms. In past years fees have been anywhere between $100-150 for the season. Dependent upon the number of players who are interested we will develop the fee to divide up the costs to the league. Head Coach of Freedom High School Nick D'Amico is the league administrator. Younger players will be given a lower number on price based on proportionate number of games played. All players will play in each game in some capacity as we look at this as an opportunity to see all players work on their skills this fall. Players who play for travel teams in the fall and play weekend tournaments are strongly encouraged to be a part of our Fall Team as our schedule allows for Tuesday - Thursday games which should not conflict with travel schedules during the school year. It is important that returning players not involved with Fall sports participate with us as it is an opportunity for you to strengthen your skills, get more at bats, and give the coaches the opportunity to help you learning a new position or just continue your progression at another.

Announcements of importance regarding the upcoming Fall Season will be set here at www.roverbaseball.com in the near future regarding meetings, practices, costs, and schedules very soon. Please check back frequently. Also Rover Baseball is available @roverbaseball on Twitter also.

Coaching Staff

Baseball Camps Summer 2013
June 11, 2013
A variety of Summer sports camps are available at EASD this coming summer.

Baseball - July 8-11 from 9am-2pm
Grades 4-9 are eligible
Cost $85 payable to Varsity E Summer Sports Camps

This Camp allows the participant to take part in playing the game each day but also has a component of instruction each day along with skills being taught and practiced each morning. A variety of skills contests will be a part of the camp as well! Having fun playing the game is most important and that is what will be stressed!

Pitching and Catching - July 15-16 9-11 am (Instructional Camp)
Grades 4-9 are eligible
Cost $40 payable to Varsity E Summer Sports Camps

This Camp will teach the basic fundamentals of pitching and campers will have direct instruction from our staff and catchers will receive instruction on working with pitchers and skills related to the catching position.

Hitting Camp - July 17-18 9-11 am (Instructional Camp)
Grades 4-9 are eligible
Cost $40 payable to Varsity E Summer Sports Camps

This Camp will teach the basic fundamentals of the swing. We will look at everything involved from the bat, grip, stance, load, hands, swing plane, and finish. Plentiful repetitions of the swing will be practiced and individual instruction will be given to each camper to help them understand their swing.

Brochures are available by clicking here and also at the EASD website under Athletics. Walk campers on the day of camp are welcome to come and accepted. Thank you!

Senior Day Announcement
May 9, 2013
The Red Rovers of Easton welcome Acton-Boxborough High School from Massachusetts to Easton this Saturday at 1pm.

Acton is led by former Easton graduate Patrick Grucela who brings his team to Easton with a 5-4 overall record to date.

Easton will be holding its annual Senior Day ceremony prior to the game to honor all the seniors and their contributions to the program through the years. Easton and Acton have played a home and home series since 2007 with Easton traveling to Boston in 2014.

Senior Day parents are asked by the Parent Booster group to be at the field by 12:15-12:30 to be ready for the pre game ceremony.

Easton Rallies Past Koncrete Kids
District Hopes Still Alive
April 26, 2013
By Tom Hinkle, courtesy of the Express-Times

In a game with more twists and turns than a hurricane, it was only fitting that it ended on a hit batsman.

Malin Loebsack was hit by a pitch that forced in the winning run with two outs in the eighth inning today to give Easton Area High School's baseball team a wild 7-6 Lehigh Valley Conference victory over Northampton at Richards Field.

Easton (6-8 overall, 4-5 LVC) won it with three runs in the last of the eighth in a game that featured four errors, four hit batsmen, 13 walks, three wild pitches, and numerous base-running blunders, including the potential tying run thrown out at the plate in the last of the eighth.

The Red Rovers played without head coach Carm LaDuca, who served a one-game suspension as the result of getting ejected from the previous game against Dieruff.

Easton needs to win three of its last five LVC games to avoid missing the District 11 Class AAAA playoffs for the second straight season.

"Horrible," Easton assistant coach Greg Hess said of his team's erratic base-running. "Every game is do-or-die and I think they're just trying to do too much. They want to make every play."

Northampton's Garret Kunkel and Easton's Nick Beinlich each pitched the first seven innings to a 4-4 standoff.

The Konkrete Kids (8-7, 5-5) took a 6-4 lead in the top of the eighth off Matt Semanick when Brandon Heimbach's suicide squeeze bunt scored one run and a second run scored on a throwing error.

Easton's Chris Delbene and Semanick walked to start the last of the eighth against Northampton reliever Blake Hein. Joey Wittreich relieved Hein and walked Beinlich to load the bases.

Ryan Briskie slapped an RBI single to right field, but Semanick tried to score the tying run from second and was thrown out at the plate.

"I was just trying to help out the team," Briskie said. "I wanted to put the ball in play and get a run in."

Kevin Cooley followed with a grounder to shortstop Evan Grube that was misplayed for an apparent error. However, after a long discussion, Beinlich was called out for obstructing the fielder while running from second to third.

"That was the right call," Hess said. "I'd say that even if we lost. What Bobby (base umpire Bob Varju) explained to me was that Nick ran back, stopped, and tried to make a gesture. The rule is you can't retrieve back. I asked Nick and he even admitted that he did (interfere)."

"It was a crazy game," Briskie said. "I've never seen a call like that before."

With two outs, Austin Brown reached on an error that allowed the tying run to score. Luis Hernandez was intentionally walked to load the bases, and Loebsack was plunked on the next pitch to force in the winning run.

"The guys showed a lot of pride battling back," Hess said. "We've lost so many close games. The kids have worked hard and I'm happy for them to get this win."

Designated hitter Matt Durich went 3-for-4 for Northampton.

"Lackluster," K-Kids coach Mick Sugra said of his team's play. "We do enough talking and teaching in practice. We've got to do it on the field. I'm disappointed right now. We have a lot more potential than we've shown. But we need to do it."

Liners Top Rovers 7-5
April 21, 2013
By Brian Fortner, courtesy of the Express-Times

There was no Anthony Ciavarella to carry the Phillipsburg High School baseball team to victory tonight.

That was not a problem, however.

Tyler Widitz was more than happy to assume the official role of Red Rover slayer.

Widitz pitched into the sixth inning and scored what resulted as the winning run to help propel P'burg to 7-5 win over archrival Easton in an independent game at Hackett Park.

"We needed this win," Widitz said. "We've had a tough season so far and it feels good to come away from here with a win."

Widitz struck out six and walked three in 5 2/3 innings of work, giving up three runs on six hits as P'burg won its third straight over the Rovers.

Widitz had three hits in last season's 8-3 win over Easton to support Ciavarella, the 2012 Express-Times Player of the Year. Ciavarella also beat Easton 13-1 in 2011.

"It's a big win," P'burg coach Dave Hinkle said. "Especially the way the season has been going. Widitz did a great job. Last year he did it with his bat. This year it was his arm. He gutted it out.

Widitz threw 103 pitches before being lifted in the bottom of the sixth, with runners on first and second and one out.

Tyler Woscek came on in relief and worked out of the jam by striking out leadoff man Nick Beinlich and getting Ryan Briskie to fly out to center field.

Beinlich had a double and a triple in three previous at bats.

Woscek then retired the meat of the Rovers' order in the seventh to secure the win and earn the save.

After giving up a lead-off single to Kevin Cooley to start the seventh, Woscek struck out clean-up hitter Austin Brown. He then retired Luis Hernandez on a fine diving stab by third baseman Matt McAnally before getting Rohan Kilpatrick to ground out to end the game.

"It was the Ciav-Woscek effect last season," Hinkle said. "Widitz throws hard and Woscek with his off-speed stuff. We know Brown and Hernandez can hit the fastball. But (Woscek) did a great job with his off-speed stuff."

Brown was 2-for-4 and Hernandez hit a tape-measure home run to lead off the bottom of the second on a first-pitch fastball from Widitz.

"When I follow a guy like Widitz, it usually helps a lot," Woscek said. "I don't throw real hard. I can throw my junk and they don't have a lot of time to adjust. I knew coming in I'd be going against their big hitters. You just have to bear down and battle."

Phillipsburg (3-9), which has now won eight of the last 10 meetings with Easton, jumped on Red Rovers starting pitcher John Spadoni for four runs in the top of the first inning.

Alex Martin scored the first run of the game when Spadoni walked McAnally on four pitches with the bases loaded.

Catcher Andy Ferrara walked two batters later to make it 2-0 and Tyler Plesnarski followed with a two-run single to widen the lead to four.

In all, P'burg scored three runs on bases-loaded walks and another on a wild pitch.

Spadoni lasted just two-thirds of an inning, giving up five runs on four hits and walking three.

"It's tough when you come out of the gate like that and go down 4-0," Easton coach Carm LaDuca said. "We struggled on the mound, but the story of it is we gave away three or four runs with walks and a wild pitch."

Rain Cancels Todays Slate
April 18, 2013
Today's Varsity and Junior Varsity games against Allen have been cancelled.

Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity will make the games up tomorrow April 19th at 3:30pm. Please make a note of the early start time.

Rovers end skid, top Golden Hawks 4-3
April 12, 2013
By Tom Hinkle, courtesy of the Express-Times

Malin LoebsackEaston Area High School's baseball team finally figured out how to win a close game.

The Red Rovers, who'd lost five straight games by a combined nine runs, received an RBI double from Malin Loebsack with two outs in the seventh inning this afternoon to pull out a 4-3 victory over Bethlehem Catholic as part of the Lehigh Valley Conference Play-Day at Coca-Cola Park.

"It's just nice to finally win a ball game," Easton coach Carm LaDuca said. "These kids have worked very, very hard, and haven't had the best of luck. But they never stopped believing in themselves."

With the game tied at 3-3, Easton's Austin Brown singled with one out in the seventh inning off David Derkits. Luis Hernandez struck out for the second out, but Loebsack responded with a drive that split the gap in right-center.

Right fielder Connor Hedash slipped on the wet grass trying to field the ball and Brown raced home with the winning run.

"I was sitting fastball," Loebsack said. "He threw it on the outside part of the plate and I just went with it. It felt good coming off the bat. I got it on the sweet spot. I was just hoping it would fall."

Brown never hesitated off the crack of the bat.

"With two outs I was going all the way," Brown said. "Malin had a good hit and it was my job to score that last run."

"With two outs I was bringing him," said LaDuca, who also coaches third base. "We had to take a shot. They would have had to execute the play perfectly."

The tough loss and inclement weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of Becahi coach Mike Grasso.

"What a game," Grasso said. "Wow! The fans should have had to pay double for this game, even in the cold weather. I'm freezing but my body temperature must be 110 degrees inside. Come out and watch high school baseball. There's nothing like it."

Easton (3-5 overall, 1-3 conference) scored twice in the first inning on Kevin Cooley's RBI double and Hernandez's run-scoring single. Ryan Briskie's RBI double increased the lead to 3-0 after two innings.

Becahi (2-6, 1-4) battled back with single runs in the third, fourth and fifth innings to tie it. The Golden Hawks, who pounded out 12 hits, might have inflicted more damage but rapped into two double plays, had a runner caught stealing and another picked off.

Jake Carty went 3-for-4 for Becahi. Hernandez and Nick Beinlich each had two hits for Easton.

"I'm proud of our guys for fighting back after being down three runs," Grasso said. "I'm thankful to be part of such an exciting game."

Hedash made a great lunging catch in right-center to rob Easton's Kyle Heins of extra bases in the sixth inning. Red Rovers right fielder Ryan Williams made an equally sensational grab to take extra bases away from Pat Mergel in the seventh.

Matt Semanick, the third Easton pitcher, entered with runners on first and third and one out in the seventh. Semanick proceeded to strike out Colin McGeary and retired Paul Karoly on a fly ball to center.

"That was a great job by Matt," LaDuca said. "It came in a huge, huge spot in the game."

"It feels great to finally win after all those losses by one or two runs," Loebsack said. "Hopefully we'll keep rolling."

Today's Parkland games have been postponed
April 9, 2013
Today's Varsity game against Parkland at Easton Area High School has been postponed.

The JV game at Parkland has also been postponed.

No makeup date has been set at this time.

Fundamentals hurt Easton is loss to Liberty
April 2, 2013
By Tom Hinkle, courtesy of the Express-Times

Josh Nales didn't appear to have much going for him this afternoon.

The Liberty High School senior wasn't mentally prepared to pitch and had trouble seeing the ball in the batter's box.

Surprisingly, Nales turned out to be the pitching and hitting star in the Hurricanes' 8-6 Lehigh Valley Conference baseball victory over Easton at William Sheridan Field.

Nales got the win by pitching three innings in relief of starter Zack Kantor. Nales also delivered a two-run, fifth-inning single off Nick Beinlich to give Liberty (3-1 overall, 2-0 conference) a 6-5 lead it wouldn't relinquish.

Tom Epsaro added a two-run triple in the sixth inning for the Hurricanes. It proved to be important as Easton (2-2, 0-2) added a run in the seventh before falling short.

"We manufactured runs and came up with a couple clutch hits," Liberty coach Andy Pitsilos said. "We have a young lineup up here (pointing to his head), but I'm happy the way we ran the bases."

Nales, who started the game in center field, came in to pitch with a 4-3 lead after Kantor walked Matt Semanick to start the fifth inning. Easton scored two unearned runs to take a 5-4 lead, but Nales chopped a two-run single to left field in the bottom of the fifth to put the Hurricanes back in front, 6-5.

"That was just a prayer swing," Nales said. "I wasn't seeing the ball with the sun. I just stayed back and got a nice hop."

Leading 8-5, Nales ran into trouble in the seventh when Beinlich opened with a walk and Austin Brown singled. Kevin Cooley struck out, but Luis Hernandez lined an RBI single to left field to make it 8-6.

Courtesy runner Troy Naiden, the potential tying run, was gunned down attempting to steal second, and Nales retired Rohan Kilpatrick on a bouncer to shortstop to end it.

Honestly, I didn't feel that good coming in (to pitch)," Nales said. "I didn't prepare myself right, but I was feeling more and more adrenaline as time went on."

Easton held an early 3-0 lead but committed five errors in the third inning that led to four unearned runs for the Hurricanes. The Red Rovers committed six errors overall.

"No excuses, but you have to make fundamental plays if you want to win baseball games in this conference," Easton coach Carm LaDuca said. "It's frustrating. We had opportunities. Even after that we came back and took the lead again. But we have to play fundamentally sound to beat good teams."

Freshman Hazleton games to be played at EAHS
JV game cancelled
March 29, 2013
Please note that the Junior Varsity game versus Hazleton has been cancelled. The Freshman games that was scheduled to be played at Hazleton tomorrow, March 30th have been changed. All games will now be played at Easton High School beginning at 11am.

Patriots Rally Past Easton 8-7
March 28, 2013
By Tom Hinkle, courtesy of the Express-Times

Gary Moritz experienced the agony of defeat and thrill of victory all in one action-packed inning this afternoon.

The senior catcher overcame a defensive misfortune by smacking an RBI single with one out in the last of the seventh inning to lift Freedom High School's baseball team to a wild 8-7 victory over visiting Easton in the Lehigh Valley Conference opener for both schools.

Freedom (3-0 overall, 1-0 LVC) took a 7-6 lead into the seventh inning, but sophomore reliever Zak Gagnon walked Kevin Cooley and Luis Hernandez to put two runners on with no outs.

Jackson Zappas relieved Gagnon and hurled a wild pitch to advance the runners. Kyle Heins followed with a bouncer that went through the legs of second baseman Julian Lopez.

Cooley scored the tying run. Center fielder Brian Uliana's throw home appeared to have Hernandez beat, but Hernandez scored the go-ahead run after barreling into Moritz and jarring the ball loose.

Patriots manager Nick D'Amico argued vehemently that Hernandez should have been called out. D'Amico was ultimately ejected by home plate umpire Marty Ondrovic.

"I thought he either had to slide or go around him," D'Amico said. "I thought you couldn't go through the catcher. The umpire didn't see it that way. That's his opinion."

"I had it in my glove," Moritz said. "I thought you had to slide. I guess not. It was just a tough play."

Easton (2-1, 0-1) threatened to pad its lead as two walks sandwiched around a sacrifice bunt loaded the bases, but Malin Loebsack lined a shot up the middle that was snared by Zappas and turned into a double play.

Red Rovers coach Carm LaDuca inserted his ace pitcher, Nick Beinlich, to relieve Adam Martino in the last of the seventh. Lopez began the inning by legging out an infield hit. He stole second but Uliana popped out.

Dylan Frankenfield reached on an error before Sean Wrobel lined a game-tying double to left-center.

"The first pitch he blew by me, but it helped me get my timing down," Wrobel said. "Then he gave me a fastball a little in and I grooved it."

Moritz, who also had a two-run single in Freedom's three-run first inning, smoked an RBI single to right for the game-winner.

"The coach always tells us when we see a fast ball on the first pitch to hit it," Moritz said. "I got one and ripped it."

"This team never gives up," D'Amico said. "They play hard all the way to the end. I'm very proud of the guys."

Easton managed just one hit, Hernandez's RBI double in the fifth inning. However, the Red Rovers took advantage of 11 walks, three hit batsmen, five wild pitches and four errors by Freedom.

"It was an ugly game," LaDuca said. "They hit the ball at the end of the game and deserved to win. You have to tip your cap to them. We'll bounce back."

Todays Games Postponed
March 25, 2013
Today's Varsity and Junior Varsity games against East Stroudsburg North have been cancelled.

No make-up date has been set.

Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity return to action on Thursday March 28th against the Freedom Patriots in the Lehigh Valley Conference opener.

Rovers Take 2013 Opener 11-2
March 23, 2013
The Rovers played well in a great team effort to pick up their first win of the year in the opener at Charles Richard's Field over Hazelton 11-2 on Saturday morning.

Kevin Cooley picked up the win on the mound. He was supported by Austin Brown's two run triple and Nick Beinlich's 2-3 day with 2 RBI's. Kevin Cooley and Luis Hernandez each chipped in with an RBI a piece.

Final1234567 R  H  E 
Easton will host East Stroudburg North on Monday March 25th at Charles Richard's Field beginning at 4pm.

Opening Day for Varsity is on
JV and Freshman Games Postponed
March 23, 2013
The 2013 Varsity home opener against Hazleton will go on as scheduled today beginning at 11am at Richards Field on the Easton Area High School campus.

Unfortunately for the JV and Freshmen squads their openers will have to wait for another day.

The Rover Junior Varsity game against Hazleton was scheduled for 11 am today at the upper field in Easton. The game has been postponed due to unplayable field conditions. The Junior Varsity will travel to Hazelton next Saturday March 30 to make-up the game at 11am.

The freshmen double-header at Hazleton is also postponed due to field conditions until next Saturday March 30.

Diamond Club Meeting
March 19, 2013

The next Easton Baseball Diamond Club meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm in Room CC111.

Vera Bradley/Coach Handbag Bingo to be held on Sunday, April 7th.
Doors open at 10:30AM.
Bingo begins at noon.
Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at door.

Contact Lori at 610-559-3933 or email to eastonbaseball2012@gmail.com or contact any player or coach for tickets.

Important Notice: Practice Cancelled
March 18, 2013
There will be no athletic practices after school today, Monday March 18 due to Easton Area School District closing all facilities because of the impending winter weather.

Varsity Practice Announcement
March 7, 2013
Varsity practice will be held immediately after school today outdoors from 3-5pm.

Practice Schedule
March 6, 2013
Varsity and JV Practice will be held 5-7pm in both gyms on Thursday - March 7.

Varsity players are reminded that their homework is due prior to practice on Thursday. 10th graders are reminded to report at that time for practice also.

Freshmen candidates tryout times will be announced soon. We expect that a Friday practice may be possible from 5-7pm in the gym for grade 8 students based on weather circumstances for the Varsity and JV teams that day.

A decision and announcements will be posted on www.roverbaseball.com and on @roverbaseball on Twitter as well announcements being made at EAMS.

2013 Baseball Paperwork and Intramural Schedule
February 11, 2013
All interested candidates for baseball this spring should see Coach LaDuca in room B220 to pick up paperwork as soon as possible.

Physicals are being held for baseball on Saturday February 23, 2013 at the EAHS medical suite near the gym lobby at 9:30 am. All candidates must report that morning with paperwork completed and either a completed physical from their family doctor or they may receive one by the school doctor for a cost of $20. Recertification physicals are done at a cost of $5.

Intramural Weekly Schedule:

Monday Feb. 11 - Bullpens and Hitting in Aux gym. 3-5pm
Tuesday Feb. 12 - Warrior Fit - 3:30pm
Wed. Feb. 13 - Hitting and Defense - 3-5pm Both gyms
Thursday Feb. 14 - Warrior Fit - 3:30pm
Friday Feb 15 - Bullpens- Varsity - 1:30pm

Intramural and Warrior Fit Training has been postponed
January 28, 2013
Due to the cancellation of school today Jan. 28 - Intramural and Warrior Fit workouts have been postponed. The schedule for the remainder of the week is as follows:

Monday - No workouts due to Cancellations - OFF

Tuesday - Bullpens Varsity Pitchers and Catchers at 2:30pm after school with Warrior Fit Training to follow at 4:00pm.

Wednesday - OFF

Thursday - Long Toss after school, Warrior Fit at 3:30, Hitting and Fielding Intramurals from 5-7pm

Friday - Bullpens for Varsity Pitchers and Catchers at 2:30pm

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
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