2014 Rover News

Upcoming Workout Schedule
December 23, 2014

The Easton Baseball Staff wishes all of you and your families a wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday's December 23 workout is cancelled due to Christmas Eve.

We will work out on Friday December 26 at 9:30am at EAHS.

Monday December 29 and Friday January 2 will be the workouts at EAHS at 9:30am during the vacation week.

New Year's Eve workout is cancelled.

Monday January 5 will be the first day of hitting in the auxillary gym at 5:00pm - St. Luke's workouts will be held at 4:30 that day leading into hitting. We will also hit Tuesday Jan. 6 at 2:45pm right after school.

Payment for St. Luke's Program - will be due the first week of January for $60.

Please follow the website and @roverbaseball on Twitter for updated info.

Any player wishing to order a Letterman's jacket - should contact Coach Hess at hessg@eastonsd.org and order one by December 29, 2014.

Christmas Cookie Fundraiser Order Pick Up
December 19, 2014

All players who ordered in the cookie tray fundraiser for Christmas should pick them up between 11:00am and 11:30am tomorrow morning, Saturday December 20. The address to pick them up is 78 Saddle Lane, Palmer Township, Easton Pa.

This is the home of Lori Briskie. It is located in the Chrin Development above the Palmer Mall.

If you have any issue with being able to pick up at that time please email Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org sometime today or early tomorrow morning and leave me a phone number to contact you and we will make other arrangements to help you.

Click here for directions

The Diamond Club Meeting Postponed
December 15, 2014

The Diamond Club Meeting for Tuesday December 16, 2014 is postponed due to the baseball team delivering Tuesday evening to the less fortunate families of the EASD. The next meeting will take place on Wed. Jan. 7, 2015 in room C111 at EAHS at 7pm.

Happy Holidays to all!

All players should report to the high school by 5pm for the delivery RAIN or SHINE! Families have been notified and are expecting the trees regardless of rain. Please dress accordingly. Passenger Vans will be provided for transportation and we will be out approx. 2-2.5 hours for delivery. All players should wear an Easton Baseball Hooded sweatshirt or jacket and black sweats if possible. Those who may need some sweats or jackets - we have some in the equipment room. We expect deliveries to be between 5:30 and 7:30pm approx.

St. Luke's Sports Performance is cancelled
December 2, 2014

Today's after school workout with St. Luke's Sports Performance is cancelled due to the EASD closing all after school activities due to inclement weather.

We will workout tomorrow Wed. Dec. 3 and Friday Dec. 5 immediately after school both days.

Easton Baseball Apparel Sale
December 1, 2014

Easton Baseball is offering an Apparel sale.

Please see the attached order forms for details on price and types of apparel. The apparel order needs to be returned to Jodi Hess by Sunday, December 7th to have for Christmas.

Any questions should be directed to Jodi Hess at eastonareabaseball@gmail.com or you may contact her at (610) 730-3205.

Click here to download the Apparel Order Form

Christmas Tree Note
November 30, 2014

Easton Baseball Players - Please spread the word regarding our xmas tree sales!

We are open on Sunday from 9:15am to approxiamately 6:30pm and this week from 4:30pm-8:00pm each night.

I will place a schedule for the week on www.roverbaseball.com in the next day or so. In the meantime players should come out for some time on Sunday and Monday to help with sales.

Please help us with an hour or two of your time. Peak times needed are anytime between 11:00am - 5:00pm Sunday and Monday 5-6pm and 7-8 pm.

This fundraiser is for the team and for you! Your coaches are committed to being there daily - are you committed to helping the program and your team?

Christmas Tree Unloading Help Needed
November 27, 2014

All Easton Baseball Players are asked to help unload the trees for the Christmas tree sale which starts this weekend.

The truck will arrive at 9am tomorrow morning, Friday November 28th at the field. This process should take less than an hour or less.

We can not do this without your help! Show your commitment to the program and help out with delivery and when you are scheduled! If you can not keep one of your times then switch with someone! A schedule will be posted on Friday for Weekend hours and weekly hours this coming week.

In the meantime we need help from you the players to unload the truck. Wear gloves and clothing that you don't mind getting wet or tree sap on! Wear shoes that are appropriate for snow etc.

Cookie Fundraiser Announcement
November 22, 2014

Easton Baseball is offering a Cookie Sale Fundraiser for the Christmas holiday period.

Players who sell the Cookie Trays will be given a portion of the sales for baseball related expenses such as St. Luke's workout payments, spikes, practice gear, etc. Players will be given these sheets at workouts too but you may print out and share with others who are playing other sports or friends and relatives as well.

Please see the attached order forms for details on price and types of cookies and fundraising opportunities. All orders must be given to Coach LaDuca by December 13, 2014. Delivery is December 20 at EAHS.

Any questions should be directed to Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org

Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Product Details
Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Order Form

St. Luke's Sports Training Schedule Important Dates
November 20, 2014

St. Luke's Sports Training Schedule

Friday, November 21 at 2:35pm - Workout with Easton Baseball Coaches
Monday, November 24 at 2:40pm - Workout with St. Luke's at EAHS (Bring Sweatshirts in case of outdoor work)
Wednesday, November 26 - No workout half day of school…..early dismissal
Thursday, November 27 - Thanksgiving OFF
Friday, November 28 - Possible need to help unload Xmas Trees in the AM (Watch site and Twitter for announcements on this)
Saturday, November 29 - Opening Day of Xmas Tree Sales: A list of times and your work responsibilities will be posted here soon - if you can not work at the time or date scheduled you must switch with another teammate from grades 9-12 - it is your responsibility to help and cover this event fundraiser.

Workouts week of December 2-5:

Monday - School Closed - no workout
Tuesday and Wednesday - St. Luke's Workouts
Friday - St. Luke's or Easton Coaches

Workout Schedule
November 16, 2014

The first workout with Trainer Steve Hultgren from St. Luke's Sports and Human Performance team at EAHS will take place tomorrow after school at 2:45.

Players should change and then report to the auxiliary gym area for agilities which will be followed by weight room training. REMINDER - the paperwork Steve gave us at testing last week should be returned in order to participate. The financial part of the form does not have a spot for us to indicate our special price.

Our price will be $60 for one month of workouts - 8 workouts per payment period….We do not want players to NOT participate due to financial difficulty…..come to the workout with the required paperwork regardless and please see our coaching staff if this pertains to you - we will speak to the staff at St. Luke's in order to look for a more amicable solution should you find yourself in this position. The St. Luke's group is a professional training group and with this financial commitment you are also a member of their 3 gym facilities with the closest being at the Anderson Campus near Rt 33.

Workouts this week will be Monday and Wednesday with St. Luke's at EAHS from 2:45-4:00pm and Friday with the EAHS coaching staff at EAHS from 2:30-3:30.

There is also a Diamond Club Meeting Tuesday evening at 7pm in room C111 at the school. All parents are invited to attend!

Baseball Combine Testing Update
November 10, 2014

Baseball Combine Testing Update: Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm at St. Luke's Facility:

1. I will be at the high school at 4:30-4:45 in case anyone wants to carpool or needs direction……you can go the site in the previous announcement directly there if you would rather - I will wait until 4:45 to leave for those who are planning on coming to the high school.

2. They will be handing out registration packets tomorrow night to every athlete. First payment will be due when you submit registration for membership. Monies are not needed for the testing night. Still waiting on price change through our EAHS trainer - Gary Gardiner, who is connecting with the management of St. Luke's. Should know tomorrow.

3. Address is : Try to be there by 5:20 at latest!

St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Center
St. Luke’s West End Medical Center 501 Cetronia Road Allentown, PA 18104

Communicate any issues to me asap!

St. Luke’s Easton High School Baseball Program Updates
November 9, 2014
After speaking with the representative from St. Luke's Sports and Human Performance Unit - the Baseball Combine Testing for EAHS Baseball Players will be held on Tuesday - November 11, 2014 from 5:30-7:00pm at their facility in Allentown - address is below: About a 23 mile ride - Rt 22 to Rt 309 South - see Google maps:

St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Center

St. Luke’s West End Medical Center 501 Cetronia Road Allentown, PA 18104

All players who attended our meeting should attend and others who would like to come may as well. Please click on the links below to see brochure given to you at the meeting and all athletes should complete the registration and waiver, participant readiness questionnaire and billing authorization forms and bring them to the testing. Parents may but do not need to attend.

We will meet between 4:30 and 4:45 at EAHS in the baseball parking lot. For those that may need a ride we can car pool there. Speak to your teammates and organize car pool rides. This will be the only session that we need to travel to the facility. All other workouts will be held at Easton on Mondays and Wednesdays after school.

Remember - if we are to be the best we can be - a commitment to each other and the program is imperative. This Testing is to find out your current baseline abilities so that you can improve upon them as the program moves forward. It is absolutely important for you to attend this testing to make the performance program worthwhile. If for any reason you are not able to attend - you must notify Coach LaDuca. It is your responsibility to communicate with the staff for all workouts.

The representative stated that if you are not sure of being part of the workout program to come and do the testing anyway so you can get the idea of how the facility is organized to help you and what the overall program's goal is. Remember - joining this program allows you the use of the St. Luke's three gym facilities at any time also.

The price for the program is listed as $60 a month but we are working with them to lower this price per player. We are considering small simple fundraisers to help with this cost for each player in coming weeks. We will let you know the cost once we receive feedback expected Monday or Tuesday this week. Remember this is a professional trainer who is coming to EAHS to train us twice per week.

If you would like to pay the $60 up from on Tuesday - the check would go to "St. Luke's Sports and Human Performance" and you will be credited with that amount for future workouts at the agreed upon rate.

Please check back to the site in case any adjustments to the schedule, price, or info. changes in the next few days.

Click here to download the SLUHN Sports Performance Training For Baseball Description
Click here to download the St. Luke’s Easton High School Baseball Program details

Mandatory Meeting Tomorrow
November 3, 2014

Varsity Rover Baseball players - this is a reminder that we will have a MANDATORY meeting Tuesday - November 4 after school in room C111 ( Near Athletic Office) at 2:35pm. The meeting is very important as we will be introducing to you our new strength training program which is being run in conjuction with the St. Luke's Sports Performance Unit. Since we have an affiliation with the Health Network here at Easton - they are very interested in working with us not only on site as trainers of our athletes but also to build performance and make sure you are in the best condition possible heading into your season. We have a unique opportunity to have a professional Steve Hultgren , a former Red Rover QB , as our Sports Performance Coach from the St. Luke's Health Network - he will come to us twice a week to train us in the weight room and in agility and cardio areas as well after school. This kind of training does not require you to be an experienced weight lifter. Our goal is to take your ability as it currently is and to make you better! We will also hold one other day a week besides the two St. Luke's date conducted by our staff making a total of three days weekly.

We understand that some of you weight train with others etc…..our goal is not to stop you from working out with others but because we are a team - this is an endeavor that we want and expect ALL of you to be a part of. This is what our program expects of you. You will know our days of training so work schedules,workouts with other professionals, etc….should be easier to organize once you know these training dates. It is imperative that we take on this challenge together!

There will be a testing day that will require us to attend one of the St. Luke's Sports Performance buildings one time in order to see initial abilities and to be able to chart growth from there. All other sessions will be held at Easton High. That testing day could be as early as late this week or early next week at the latest. Be prepared to attend. I will have specific dates for you at the meeting.

1. You should attend this meeting even if you are playing a winter sport because we would also like to talk about a few other things program wise that pertain to all before you go off to your winter sport responsibilities. You should also attend if you have an injury currently as the meeting has multiple items to speak with you about.

2. There will be a senior meeting also.

Guys - without a commitment to do the best we can now in preparation for our upcoming season, we can not succeed in a very tough conference ! Others are already doing this!

We will see all of you at the meeting on Tuesday! Please communicate should you have an illness or issue that you need to communicate to us.

Please let others who did not play fall baseball know that they are welcome to attend if they intend on playing in 2015 for the baseball program. All are welcome! Grades 9-10 will meet on Wednesday in room C111 at 2:35.

Diamond Club Meeting Date Announced
October 28, 2014
Easton Baseball Diamond ClubThe next Easton Baseball Diamond Club meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 18th at 7pm in Room C111.

Fall Baseball Wraps Up, Time for Winter Workouts
October 22, 2014
The Fall Baseball Season has come to an end and the Varsity was able to win the league for the second year in a row in the single elimination tournament with a wins over Stroudsburg, Whitehall, and Phillipsburg. The Junior Varsity team played a thorough schedule and was able to work on their skills in game situations but they did not play a playoff tournament in their division. Now it is time to turn our attention to the winter!

Those of you playing winter sports we wish you well! Those of you who aren't, we look forward to working with you to make you stronger and in better shape for the upcoming season. There will be a MANDATORY meeting for the Varsity team in room B220 on November 4, 2014 at 2:35pm right after school! It is required that you attend! Make it you first commitment towards this program for the 2015 season!

Winter sports practice begins Nov. 17 so winter sports participants are expected to attend too as this is before your practice starts!

A JV/Freshmen meeting will be announced at a later date.

Most importantly, always communicate with the coaching staff if you have questions and or concerns!

Coach LaDuca

Championship Postponed
October 16, 2014

Today's game with Phillipsburg is postponed until Monday at 4 pm at Easton due to wet field conditions.

Fall Baseball Championship
October 16, 2014

Varsity game with Phillipsburg is rescheduled for today, Thursday Oct. 16 at Easton at 4pm weather permitting. If weather or field conditions do not permit the game to be played - We will play either Monday or Tuesday next week. An email will be sent also.

Freshmen/JV game with Becahi will be played either Monday or Tuesday at Easton - when a confirmed date with Becahi is made - Coach Bisco will contact you regarding that date and time.

As always - checking here at www.roverbaseball.com is another alternative to our schedule.

Fall Baseball Schedule Updates
October 15, 2014

Wednesday's freshmen/JV game with Bethlehem Catholic has been postponed to make way for the Varsity Fall Championship game at Easton on Wed. 10/15/14 at 4pm against Phillipsburg.

The Freshmen/JV game will be played at some point and we are working on a makeup date possibly Thursday or early next week.

Inclement weather is looming the next few days also so this may create additional postponements and changes in the schedule.

All players should check email, text messages from coaches, and here at www.roverbaseball.com for the most up to date schedule.

Diamond Club Meeting Date Announced
October 10, 2014
Easton Baseball Diamond ClubThe next Easton Baseball Diamond Club meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 21st at 7pm in Room C111.

Upcoming Fall Schedule
October 8, 2014
Semi Final Playoff Fall Game: Varsity

Thursday Oct. 9, 2014, 4pm - Whitehall @ Easton
Phillipsburg @ Freedom (other Semi)

If Easton wins they will advance to the Championship game next Monday or Tuesday.

JV/Freshmen Schedule

Wednesday Oct. 8, 2014, 4:15pm - at Northampton (Moore Twp. Rec Center) 650 English Rd.
Wednesday Oct. 15, 2014, 4pm - Bethlehem Catholic

September 27, 2014

The JV Fall Ball game at Freedom Monday Sept. 29 at 4pm has been moved to our home field at Easton at 4pm instead. All players should remain after school for the game. Coaches Kanusky and Sheridan will be coaching the game for Coach Bisco.

Wednesday's game Oct. 1 with Nazareth will be played at Easton at 4pm also.

Varsity Game with Becahi Tuesday will be moved to Hackett's or Fairview Park instead of our home field due to a XC meet at Easton. Coach LaDuca will email Monday where the game will be played.

We travel to Whitehall on Thursday.

To all Fall baseball Participants:
September 23, 2014

Varsity game with Stroudsburg for today was postponed to accommodate a schedule change for a XC meet being brought to Easton due to the ongoing issues with the manhunt in the East Stroudsburg area for the state Police killer that is surrounded currently. The Rovers XC team was to travel there today but the meet has been switched to here. Since the course entails the outskirts of the baseball field we can not play our game. We will reschedule the game. I will send an email about practice and or a possible makeup game for Thursday soon. Please check here or your email for updates daily. Expect to practice Thursday if we don't play Thursday.

JV Fall Ball - Northampton's game has been postponed from Thursday and will be played sometime next week or the following week. Currently the next scheduled game will be Monday Sept. 29 at Freedom at 4pm. Players should transport to Freedom on their own and arrive no later than 3:30.

You will be coached by Coaches Kanusky and Sheridan. You will also play Nazareth at home on Wednesday Oct. 1 at 4pm. While Coach Bisco the other coaches will coach your games. A practice may be held this week because of the cancellation. If so you will be sent a text message this evening.

All Fall Baseball Participants Grades 8-12
September 1, 2014

1. All Players for the Varsity Fall Game with Whitehall tomorrow will be notified by the email you gave me - whether you should report for tomorrow or Wednesday's game vs. Northampton. The email will be sent later today. All players will receive one - If You do not please contact Coach LaDuca at his email. Players should understand that the decisions on who plays and when are decided by player availability on certain dates, whether they pitch or not, and the staff making sure all positions are covered for that day's game. Throughout the season all players will attend an equal number of games.

2. Grades 8-9-10 Fall Baseball will practice this coming week.

Wednesday September 3 - 6pm (After Conclusion of Varsity Fall Game on Varsity Field. Practice to be until 7:30. Thursday - Practice - 4:30-6:00pm on Varsity Field

First Game at Home on Varsity Field Monday - September 8, 2014 at 4:30pm

All questions regarding Grades 11-12 Fall Ball should be directed to Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org

Coach Bisco will handle Grades 8-9-10 at biscoj@eastonsd.org

Fall Baseball Announcement
August 21, 2014
Grades 11-12 Fall Baseball Participants should report to a practice immediately after school on Tuesday August 26 at 2:45 on the main baseball field at EAHS.

Grade 8-9-10 Participants will be notified of practices very soon for your schedule and should watch this website for those times. Schedule looks to begin first week of September for these grades.

1. Practice will be held and schedule information will be given out.
2. First game is Thursday - August 28, 2014 at EAHS at 4pm against Bethlehem Catholic.
3. The schedule consists of 10 games with games being played primarily Tuesday and Thursdays after school with an occasional Wednesday game during the month of September.
4. Playoffs will also be held at the conclusion of the league in a single elimination format for all teams who choose to enter.
5. Players are required to pay $115 per player to cover the costs of baseballs, insurance, umpires, field usage fees, league fees, and shirts for each player as the league is not funded by the school. Please make checks payable to "Easton Baseball". Grade 8-9-10 fees will be $60 per player for the above particulars....schedule will be 6-8 games total and will not include playoffs.
6. All players will participate and no tryouts will occur.

Questions or concerns should be directed to laducac@eastonsd.org

Fall Baseball Signups
August 6, 2014

Anyone interested in playing Fall baseball in Grades 9-12 please contact Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org by August 15, 2014. Please send an email stating your interest, your grade, your birthdate, shirt size, and contact info....phone number, email etc....

The League includes 10 local high schools and is played during the week usually Tuesday's and Thursday's throughout September and October. Playoffs are part of the package as well. It is the goal of the league to provide the player with opportunity at a very inexpensive rate. It is a player funded league and has no tie to Easton High School. There will be a fee involved which I will let you know once the league gets me the figures.....typically it is around $110-135 for the upper grades and the lower grades it is somewhere around $50-75. These Fees pay for Insurance, League Fees, Field Usage / Permit Fees, Umpires, Baseballs, and Shirts for each player.

It is the coaching staffs belief that this is an excellent opportunity for all players not involved in Fall Sports for EAHS to hone their skills in practice and game situations. All players will play in each contest. We strongly encourage anyone who wants to see innings and at bats to improve in a learning situation to play this fall. It is extremely important that returning players are part of this in order to give our program the best chance to succeed in 2015 at all levels. Please contact Coach LaDuca at the above email as soon as possible.....Thank you!

EAHS Fall Baseball Sign Up Information
July 21, 2014

EAHS Fall Baseball Sign Ups will be coming soon for boys in grades 8-12......as soon as the league gets us the information - we will post it here on the site......please check back frequently to see when it is posted.

Hoping to have info. by August 1 or very soon thereafter.

Professional Photos Available
June 5, 2014
Thomas Kosa PhotographyWe are very fortunate that Mr. Tom Kosa from Tom Kosa Photography professionally photographed all of the varsity games during the 2014 Varsity Baseball Season. Parents who are interested can go to Mr. Kosa's website , select games throughout the year, and purchase professional action shots taken throughout the season. These shots are tremendous and I am sure are a keepsake for many of our players and parents alike. Thank you to Mr. Kosa for his time and effort in shooting each of our games. If interested - please see the information below to contact him.

Thomas Kosa Photography
230 Ferry Street
Easton, Pa 18042

Studio Phone #: 610-252-6224
Web Address: Click here to visit Thomas Kosa Photography

Easton Baseball Year End Picnic
June 2, 2014
The Easton Baseball Year End Picnic will be held on Tuesday, June 10th at 6:00 in the senior café.

The hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pretzels, and water will be provided by the booster club.

The following should be brought by each team:

Freshman - Soda
JV - Salads (potato, macaroni, pasta, tossed)
Varsity - Dessert.

Please contact Maria LaValva at (610) 442-7176 with how many people will be attending and what you will be bringing so there isn't an overlap of foods as well enough food for those attending.

This date was chosen based on Legion & Jr Legion game schedules. If you have any questions let us know.

Freedom downs Easton in District 11 4A opener
May 20, 2014
By Stephen Miller, Of The Morning Call

A third meeting with Easton forced Freedom coach Nick D'Amico to consider all his pitching options.

He could not turn away from No. 1 starter Nick Mazzella despite the Red Rovers' familiarity with the senior left-hander.

Ninth-seeded Easton managed plenty of solid at-bats against Mazzella. His pitching and the Patriots' defense won out in the important spots Monday as No. 8 Freedom collected an 8-3 win in a District 11 Class 4A first-round baseball game.

Mazzella carried a shutout into the seventh inning before Easton pushed across three runs. Standing in the Freedom dugout, D'Amico kept reminding Mazzella those runs were of no concern. Recording the final few outs was the only objective.

Mazzella did, finishing his complete-game effort with a strikeout and a groundout. The rubber-game win — Freedom and Easton split two regular-season meetings — earned the Patriots (14-7 overall) a date with top seed Parkland in Wednesday's district quarterfinals.

D'Amico admitted he initially hesitated at having Mazzella face the Red Rovers (12-9) for a third time. He then recalled that Mazzella threw a great game in the teams' first meeting and was victimized by shoddy defense in the second meeting.

"I felt confidence in him," D'Amico said. "I knew he was going to do the job. He's our No. 1 pitcher for a reason."

On a blustery afternoon, Mazzella pitched his way into and out of trouble time after time. He escaped a bases-loaded jam in the first and stranded nine Easton runners through the first five innings. His lone 1-2-3 frame came in the sixth.

The first two pitchers Easton used did not match Mazzella's execution.

Matt Fitch started for the Red Rovers but couldn't complete three innings. Mazzella knocked Fitch out of the game with a two-run single in the third. That hit came after Fitch moved within one strike of wriggling out of a first-and-third, no-out jam.

"I was looking for a pitch I could just put in play with two strikes or keep the at-bat alive," Mazzella said. "He threw me a curveball that didn't break I'm sure as much as he wanted, so I sat there and ripped it up the middle."

Freedom added a third run in the third and two more runs each in the fourth and fifth innings to take an 8-0 lead. Jarrett Clymer led the Patriots' 13-hit attack, going 3-for-4 and scoring twice.

Edgar Garcia, Zak Gagnon, Dan Corvino and Dan Knerr each added two hits. They also combined for three runs and five RBIs.

Easton received two hits each from Brad Wilkins and Luis Hernandez, the last of which was Hernandez's two-run double in the seventh. Too often the Red Rovers could not deliver with runners in scoring position, bringing a swift end to their first playoff appearance since 2011.

"As you see here, these kids never quit," Easton coach Carm LaDuca said. "They deserve a lot of credit in the sense of bringing Easton baseball back to where it should be. When we step back from this and look back at it, you have to give credit to our seniors, who were good leaders and showed our younger kids what a winning season is again and playoff baseball.

"Maybe we grow from that and learn from that, and hopefully that carries on next year with the younger kids."

Freedom will carry confidence aplenty into its quarterfinal matchup with Parkland. The Patriots beat the Trojans during the regular season. They respect them but know they can play with them.

"I think everyone that goes out there is going to give them the nod as the team that should win," D'Amico said. "But we're going to do our best, and we're going to come out and play."

Copyright © 2014, The Morning Call

Varsity and Freshman Games Postponed
May 16, 2014
Todays Varsity game at Pleasant Valley and the Freshman game at home against Phillipsburg have been postponed due to rain.

Both games will be made up tomorrow.

The Freshmen team will square off at noon against Phillipsburg, followed by the Varsity game against Pleasant Valley.

Pleasant Valley will be the home team.

Beca Trips Up Easton In Extra Innings
May 8, 2014
By Stephen Miller, Of The Morning Call

Bethlehem Catholic ripped baseballs all over Richards Field for the first five innings Thursday.

When Easton rallied to force extra innings, the Golden Hawks raked some more.

A two-out single by Collin McGeary and an RBI triple by Brad McLoughlin gave Bethlehem Catholic its fourth and final lead of the day. The Golden Hawks stayed ahead this time, with Nick Caricari inducing a game-ending 1-6-3 double play to clinch an 8-7 Lehigh Valley Conference win.

With Easton (11-8 overall, 8-6 LVC) losing, Liberty clinched the East Division title before its Thursday night game against Freedom started. The Hurricanes will be the No. 4 seed and face top seed Emmaus in an LVC semifinal Tuesday. The other semifinal will feature No. 2 Parkland and No. 3 Whitehall.

Bethlehem Catholic, meanwhile, moved back to .500 with two games left on its regular-season schedule. The Golden Hawks (9-9, 6-6) play Dieruff on Monday and Nazareth on Tuesday. A win in either of those games will put them in the District 11 Class 3A playoffs.

Bethlehem Catholic started this week needing a 3-1 finish to qualify for districts. The Golden Hawks' resilience over the last two days has carried them through the heavy lifting.

Bethlehem Catholic had a 6-3 lead heading to the seventh inning Wednesday against Freedom but surrendered a game-tying three-run homer. It came back to win the game in the ninth.

The Golden Hawks led Easton 2-0, 3-2, and 7-4. The last of those leads disappeared when Red Rovers designated hitter Luis Hernandez hit a game-tying homer in the bottom of the seventh.

Bethlehem Catholic's bats went right back to work. Easton reliever Casey Brown had held the Golden Hawks to one hit over his first three innings, but McGeary changed that with his second single of the day.

McLoughlin followed by blasting a ball just short of the center-field fence. He landed at third with a triple to cap a 3-for-5 day.

"That was a big at-bat for me," McLoughlin said. "Coach just said to put the barrel to the ball. Honestly, I just swung. I didn't think I'd get a triple out of it."

Bethlehem Catholic had to battle through one more rough spot to escape. An error to start the bottom of the eighth brought up the top of Easton's lineup. Caricari, who surrendered the game-tying homer, retired Matt Semanick (2-for-3, four RBIs) before getting Brad Wilkins (1-for-4, one RBI) to bounce into the game-ending double play.

While Caricari delivered at the end, Bethlehem Catholic won with its offense. The Golden Hawks smacked 18 hits against three Easton pitchers. All of their starters scored or drove in a run.

Ryan Kokolus (3-for-5, two RBIs), Joe Giordano (3-for-4, double, one run) and Nate Gehringher (2-for-4, two RBIs) were among the offensive standouts for the Golden Hawks.

"This is an absolutely wonderful bunch of seniors," Bethlehem Catholic coach Mike Grasso said. "They're fighters. We've been fighting all year from behind. This is a great opportunity for these kids to go in and clinch a playoff berth. We're one game away with two games left."

Easton was a win away Thursday from keeping its LVC playoff hopes alive. Coach Carm LaDuca now has to work on preparing his team for the District 11 4A playoffs after its regular-season finale against Pleasant Valley. The Red Rovers will likely have to play a first-round district game May 19.

"You've got to give credit to Bethlehem Catholic," LaDuca said. "They hit the ball extremely well today, and they really took advantage of every opportunity. We came around later in the game.

"It was frustrating, because we kept mounting a challenge and coming back, but they just kept hitting."

Rovers Rally Past Patriots at Coca Cola Park
May 2, 2014
Matt Fitch throws in a pitch against a Freedom batter during Easton's 7-3 win over Freedom Friday night at Coca-Cola Park. (DOUGLAS KILPATRICK / SPECIAL TO THE MORNING CALL /May 2, 2014)
By Stephen Miller, Of The Morning Call

A sixth-inning rally left Freedom three outs away from keeping control of the Lehigh Valley Conference East Division baseball race.

A couple of comebackers contributed to a collapse that allowed Easton to stay in the hunt for a division title.

Three throwing errors by Freedom pitchers fueled a five-run seventh for the Red Rovers. Eleven players batted before the inning ended as Easton rallied for a 7-3 win at Coca-Cola Park.

While Easton (11-6 overall, 8-5 LVC) and Freedom (9-6, 7-4) are still in contention for the East Division title, Liberty controls the race. The Hurricanes used a complete-game seven-hitter from Matt Leon to win the nightcap at Coca-Cola Park, downing Bethlehem Catholic 6-1. Liberty (11-5, 8-4) can clinch the East by beating Northampton and Freedom next week, the last of the regular season.

While Easton will need help to reach the LVC playoffs, it wrapped up a memorable week Friday. The Red Rovers spent two days in Cooperstown, N.Y., making a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday after beating Nazareth in an LVC game Tuesday that put them in the District 11 Class 4A playoffs.

Friday's trip to the home of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs worked out just as well for Easton. Matt Semanick pitched the bottom of the seventh to lock down the win for the Red Rovers, retiring Dan Corvino (2-for-4, one RBI) on a bases-loaded pop-up to end the game.

Semanick also had three hits, scored twice and drove in a run.

"It was an excellent experience," Semanick said. "There's nothing like it out there. I had my whole team behind me, so I knew that there was nothing to worry about. I just had to throw strikes, and the rest of it did itself."

Freedom's problems throwing to the bases Friday burned it. A Corvino sacrifice fly, a Nick Mazzella RBI triple and a TJ Czerwinski RBI double in the bottom of the sixth gave the Patriots a 3-2 lead heading to the seventh.

Mazzella then started the seventh by hopping off the mound to his right to snag a comebacker from Erik Oakley. Mazzella had time to settle before throwing the ball, but he rushed his toss to first and wound up with an error.

The inning grew worse for Freedom. Easton left fielder Brad Wilkins tied the game with an opposite-field RBI single, ending Mazzella's outing.

Zak Gagnon entered and walked Jake Lisinicchia to force in the go-ahead run after Freedom opted to intentionally walk Luis Hernandez to load the bases. Gagnon later committed two throwing errors as Easton scored five runs in the inning with just two hits.

Freedom finished the afternoon with six errors, five of which came on throws.

"We've been up and down," Freedom coach Nick D'Amico said of his team's fielding. "It depends on which day we're out there. When it goes bad for us, it goes bad."

Easton, meanwhile, committed only one error Friday. It also received 52/3 solid innings from starter Matt Fitch (seven hits, three runs, one walk, five strikeouts).

Adam Martino was originally slated to go for the Red Rovers, but Fitch responded when given the ball for a second time this week. He struggled over two innings Monday against Northampton, a 10-1 loss for Easton.

"That's one of the marks of this team. All year long, for the most part, they've been a character group that has come through in most situations," Easton coach Carm LaDuca said. "We couldn't be more happy for them."

In the second game, Leon again showed why Liberty has trusted him in big spots. A single by Chris Figler (2-for-4) and a double by Pat Mergel (2-for-4) gave Bethlehem Catholic (7-8, 4-6) runners at second and third with no outs in the first.

Leon left them there with two strikeouts and a groundout. He allowed just an unearned run in the second inning and struck out eight, retiring 11 of 12 batters in one stretch.

Liberty managed just five hits but took advantage of five walks by Figler. Tom Epsaro put the game out of reach in the seventh, smacking a two-run double. He finished with three RBIs.

As the night ended, Liberty exited Allentown in a familiar spot. Coach Andy Pitsilos has guided the Hurricanes to the East crown every year since the LVC went to a three-division format starting with the 2009 season.

"We'll attribute tonight to good pitching on their end," Pitsilos said. "We didn't hit the ball the way we can hit the ball. That will come next week.

"If we hit the ball well, I'm confident in our chances."

Courtesy of The Morning Call

Luis Hernandez is The Express-Times Baseball Player of the Week
April 25, 2014

By Tom Hinkel | The Express-Times

Luis Hernandez, The Express-Times Baseball Player of the Week, Photo courtesy of The Express-TimesStatistics: Luis Hernandez made significant contributions in each game of the Red Rovers' 3-1 week. He was 2-for-3 in a 12-2 win over Allen, had two doubles and an RBI in a 15-6 victory over rival Phillipsburg, pounded three hits in an 8-7 loss to Whitehall and delivered an RBI double in a 2-1 upset win over previously unbeaten Emmaus.

Honorable mention: Sr. IF Jake Lisinicchia, Easton; Jr. P-OF Zak Gagnon, Freedom; Sr. P Bryan Schoch, Saucon Valley; So. P-IF Travis Slaughter, Pen Argyl; So. P-OF Carson Freeman, Bangor; Sr. P-IF Frank Cutter, Bangor; Sr. IF Dave Wodzisz, Phillipsburg; Sr. OF Marc Monks, North Hunterdon; Sr. P Chris Fiaschetti, Delaware Valley; Sr. IF Joe Chiarino, Delaware Valley; Jr. P-IF Henry Myerchin, Belvidere; Jr. IF Matt Nicholoff, North Warren.

Easton Rolls Over P'Burg to Stop Losing Streak
April 19, 2014

By Brian Fortner | The Express-Times

Adam Martino was able to pitch with a lead tonight. A luxury no Easton Area High School pitcher had been granted in recent years against Phillipsburg.

Martino pitched five innings, giving up two earned runs to lead the visiting Red Rovers to a 15-6 independent baseball victory over P'burg under the lights at Hackett Park.

"It's a nice feeling as a senior be able to win," Martino said. "We haven't beaten (Phillipsburg) in a few years, so it's nice to get a win this year."

The Red Rovers (7-3) pounded out 15 hits and batted around in the first and seventh innings to post their most impressive offensive performance this season.

"We made sure the bats were hot tonight," senior center fielder/pitcher Matt Semanick said. "We knew the past three years it hasn't gone our way and we wanted to right that wrong today."

Semanick went 3-for-4 at the plate with two runs and an RBI and pitched the final two scoreless innings to close out the victory and earn the Rovers most valuable player award.

Lou Fasano was named P'burg outstanding player of the game.

Fasano came off the bench to go 2-for-3 with a double and two RBIs.

Phillipsburg came into the game winners of three straight and four of the last five meetings with the rival Rovers.

In all three of those wins, P'burg jumped to early first-inning leads.

The script was flipped tonight.

Easton pounced on the 'Liners for seven runs -- five of those unearned -- in the top of the first inning to spot Martino huge lead before the senior right-hander ever threw a pitch.

"It seems like the case in this series is the team that goes out to the early lead, normally goes on to win the game," Easton head coach Carm LaDuca said. "Tonight we were fortunate enough to capitalize on some (P'burg) mistakes and get out with a win."

P'burg starter Tyler Plesnarski lasted just two-thirds of an inning as Easton sent 11 batters to the plate in the inning.

Semanick led off with a single and scored after back-to-back P'burg errors set the tone early.

Jake Lisinicchia drove in a pair with a lined single to left and came around to score when the 'Liners botched a rundown following Erik Oakley's single to right field three batters later.

P'burg (1-9) battled back with four runs in the bottom of the fifth to make it interesting at 9-5, getting a two-run double from Fasano.

Unfortunately, the Rovers weren't about to let P'burg make it four wins in a row in the series.

Lisinicchia made it 10-5 Easton, doubling home Luis Hernandez in the top of the sixth.

Oakley, John Spadoni and Casey Brown all drove in runs in a five-run seventh as the Rovers blew the game open.

Oakley had three hits and Hernandez, Lisinicchai and Sean McKee all had two hits for Easton.

"It's been the story all year," Phillipsburg coach Dave Hinkle said. "We're not making the plays defensively and we get ourselves in a hole. The kids fight, but sometimes you just can't come back. Tonight we couldn't come back."

Chris Trent had a pair of bunt singles for P'burg.

Article courtesy of The Express-Times

Parkland Blanks Rovers
April 17, 2014

By Greg Joyce | The Express-Times

After his offense pushed across two runs in the bottom of the first inning, Parkland High School pitcher Alex Flynn put on cruise control.

The senior right-hander mowed down Easton batters and allowed just two hits, leading the Trojans (8-1, 5-0 LVC) to a 2-0 win this afternoon at Parkland.

"The key was he was throwing strikes today," said Parkland coach Tony Galucy. "You don't walk people, you force them to hit and good things are going to happen."

The Red Rovers (5-3, 3-2 LVC) could not draw any walks against Flynn, and they never advanced past second base. They only mustered four baserunners in the game, two coming on hits and the other two coming on a hit batter and an error.

"I think we had some decent swings on (Flynn) at times, for a real good pitcher," said Easton coach Carm LaDuca. "We put the ball in play; it just happened to be right at somebody. Flynn's a great pitcher, and he certainly has proven that. And (Parkland) is a good ballclub." Senior John Spadoni pitched all six innings in a strong start for Easton, but the two runs he allowed in the first inning ended up being enough to put him on the losing end.

With one out in the first, Jeff Strisovsky picked up Parkland's first hit with a single to right field. Chris Rabasco followed with a rising line drive to center field, which got over the head of Matt Semanick. Rabasco was able to leg out a double and Strisovsky scored all the way from first.

Spadoni struck out the next batter, but Zach Merkle hit a two-out single to left field to score Rabasco for the 2-0 lead.

"That was huge," Galucy said. "We've been struggling hitting, and we only had four hits today, but it was nice to come out and get two runs early. It took the pressure off a little bit."

From there, the game turned into a pitcher's duel with Flynn and Spadoni nearly taking turns retiring the side in order.

Easton's Sean McKee hit a two-out double to the gap in right-center field in the second inning, but was stranded there as Flynn struck out Erik Oakley to end the threat.

Starting with the punch-out of Oakley, Flynn retired the next 10 Red Rovers in order and 15 of the next 16.

"I felt like my velocity was down, but I was hitting my spots and I felt like my curveball was on," Flynn said. "I was happy with my performance today."

Pinch-hitting with two outs in the seventh inning, Jayson Mitch singled for Easton's second hit of the game. But Flynn got McKee to ground out to second to end the game.

"That was a well-played game," LaDuca said. "Overall, I think the kids played good defense; they made some nice plays. It was just one of those games where both sides pitched the ball real well, and we came out on the short end."

Spadoni finished the game allowing four hits, two runs, two walks and striking out four. On most days, a performance like that would have been more than enough to put Easton in position to win.

"Absolutely," LaDuca said. "John pitched tremendous. If you really take away the first inning there, essentially he just gave up a couple hits. You can't ask for more than that. We've got to score him some runs and we weren't able to do that today. But against a real good pitcher, we put the ball in play. We just gotta find a way to scratch out some runs in those situations."

In his first start of the season, Flynn -- the reigning Lehigh Valley Conference pitcher of the year -- was able to come out on top with five strikeouts over his seven innings.

"With all the rain, (his starts) just kept getting pushed back, but he was in relief three times," Galucy said. "His fastball doesn't look that quick, but he can sneak up on you. He has real good movement on his fastball and he had a good breaking ball today."

Article courtesy of The Express-Times

Varsity and JV Games Postponed
April 15, 2014

Todays Varsity and JV games against Allen have been postponed due to rain.

No make-up date has been announced at this time.

Whitehall Games Postponed
April 8, 2014
Due to heavy rains last night, todays Varsity and JV games against Whitehall have been postponed.

Both games have been rescheduled for April 21st at the same fields and start time.

Thank You
April 7, 2014
The Coaching Staff wishes to thank all who took part in the annual Purse Bingo at Easton High yesterday and made it a great success. The support of the program is so appreciated and a big thank you to the parent organizers who helped put it all together over several months of hard work. Phyllis Naiden and Lori Briskie guided a group of parents and supporters to make this a superb day!

Thank you to the folks who helped secure donations from businesses, the people who donated and sponsored a purse, the people who worked on Tricky Tray items, food concessions, and many other valuable pieces of work that went towards a successful event.

Sincerely - Thank you !
Coaches and Players of Easton Baseball

Easton tops Liberty on Hernandez HR
April 1, 2014

By Stephen Miller, Of The Morning Call

A hamstring pull sidelined Luis Hernandez one at-bat into his senior season.

His first hit upon returning to the Easton lineup Tuesday allowed him to jog around the bases.

With the Red Rovers locked in a sixth-inning tie against Liberty, Hernandez ripped a 1-1 curveball to left field. The line drive caught enough air to carry over the fence for a three-run home run that lifted Easton to a 6-3 win in a Lehigh Valley Conference baseball game at Richards Field.

The Red Rovers (2-2 overall, 1-1 LVC) twice overcame deficits to nab their early-season win over the Hurricanes (2-1, 1-1), the East Division favorites. Easton trailed 1-0 after the top of the first and 3-1 after the top of the fifth. Each time it had an immediate answer, tying the game in the bottom half of the inning.

The Red Rovers produced their biggest outburst in their final at-bat. Brad Wilkins and Bryan Reagle started the bottom of the sixth with back-to-back singles. A wild pitch from Liberty sophomore reliever Ben Hudock put runners at second and third, leaving Easton a fly ball away from the lead.

Hernandez smacked the third pitch he saw from Hudock where no one could catch it. It was his first hit since he pulled a hamstring after cracking a second-inning double off the right-field fence at Richards Field on March 22 against Hazleton.

Hernandez received his retrieved home-run ball during Easton's postgame meeting on the field, where the Red Rovers celebrated a win they hope will propel them to a bounce-back season. They went 6-14 last year.

Using his cousin as an interpreter, Hernandez said his leg felt fine Tuesday. As for delivering the game-winning hit in his return to the lineup?

"It's amazing," Hernandez said.

While Hernandez took a star turn Tuesday, his teammates contributed to a well-played game. John Spadoni threw five solid innings, allowing just one earned run and four hits while striking out five. Adam Martino replaced him and earned the win with two scoreless innings.

Pinch-hitter Kyle Heins made sure Martino entered the game in a good spot with a clutch hit in the fifth. After Liberty took a 3-1 lead with two unearned runs in the top of the inning, Easton put its first two runners on base and sacrificed them to second and third.

Heins entered and roped a two-run, game-tying double off Liberty starter Mike Horvath. Horvath started the fifth having retired 11 straight hitters since Reagle's RBI double in the first but wound up with a no-decision.

Liberty coach Andy Pitsilos was satisfied with the effort Horvath gave the Hurricanes in his first start this season. Their offensive execution, however, needs work.

"You've got to put the ball in play with less than two outs and guys on third base," Pitsilos said. "You've got to get bunts down.

"We left three or four runs out there."

Easton, meanwhile, cashed in on almost every scoring chance it had. The Red Rovers left just one runner on base. They also played a solid defensive game, committing one error.

Fielding problems helped derail Easton's season a year ago. Red Rovers coach Carm LaDuca has liked the early resilience his team has shown this season.

Easton fell apart against Freedom in its first LVC game last week. It refused to repeat those mistakes Tuesday.

"This was a big step for us," LaDuca said. "Obviously our staff has a tremendous respect for Andy Pitsilos and his group and his players. We understand how good they are and what a class program they are.

"I think what was really critical today was, when we got down there, nobody hung their heads," he added. "We put ourselves into position to rebound. That was a huge plus to see us respond today in that fashion. It was really exciting for our kids."

Twitter: @mcall_smiller
Copyright © 2014, The Morning Call

Liberty Games Postponed
March 31, 2014
Due to heavy rains the past 3 days that have cause poor playing conditions on the fields, todays Varsity and JV games against Liberty have been potponed.

Both games have been resceduled for tomorrow, April 1st at the same fields and start time.

Coach/Vera Bradley Purse Bingo and Tricky Tray
March 19, 2014

Easton Baseball Diamond Club is holding a Coach/Vera Bradley Purse Bingo and Tricky Tray on Sunday, April 6th at the Easton Area High School Cafeteria.

Doors open at 10:30AM.
Bingo begins at noon.
Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at the door, if available.

Call Lori Briskie at 610-559-3933 or Phyllis Naiden at 610-216-1608 for tickets. Bring a non-perishable item or donate money towards the Easton Food Pantry and receive a ticket for a free raffle.

Wednesday Practice
March 11, 2014
All JV and Varsity players will practice right after school on Wednesday and Freshmen and 8th grade players will practice from 4:30-6pm.

Monday and Tuesday Practice Announcement
March 9, 2014
Players in grades 9-12 will practice in the 4:30-6:00 pm gym time slot on Monday.

All players should report and be ready to go at 3:45pm for conditioning and weight training. Also - bring sweatshirts to be outside for possible parking lot practice work. Grade 8 Players will report Tuesday.

Tuesday - Grade 8 players should report at 3:45pm Tuesday along with grades 10-11-12.

Updated Dates
March 5, 2014
All Freshmen and 8th grade baseball candidates for tryouts should report to EAHS gym lobby for their first practice on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 6:45pm. Practice will be held until 9:00pm.

Grade 10 players will be off on Thursday and should report back on Friday at 5:15 for practice.

All 11th-12th grade players should report every day.

Coaching Staff

Easton Baseball Tryouts to Begin Monday March 3, 2014
March 2, 2014

All players in grades 10-12 should report to tryout practice at EAHS for the indoor tryout sessions being held on Monday and Tuesday. The sessions are scheduled for gym time from 6:00-7:30pm but all players should report and be ready to go by 5:15pm for a team meeting and preliminary stretching, weight training, etc prior to baseball activity in the gyms. All players should be wearing long pants (no shorts) and a baseball hat. All players should have sweatshirts in case of brief outdoor activity on parking lot areas,etc.....All jewelry should be removed as per PIAA mandatory rule.

Players in grades 8-9 should follow announcements here and at school for practices and their times for tryout sessions later this week.

Tryouts are being conducted by grade level during the week and if a player is capable of playing up on a higher level they will be asked to join the practices by the coaching staff after grade level evaluations.

Note: If school is postponed or early dismissals occur due to weather related issues - there will be no practices that day due to school district policy.

Intramural Schedule for the final week before tryouts
February 22, 2014
Baseball Workouts

Monday Feb. 24 - All Senior / Junior Pitchers and All Catchers will meet at 2:30pm after school to do their routine in the aux gym and then meet Coach Hess in the pitch room for bullpens asap. All position players and pitchers, etc grades 9-12 will report for intramural hitting in aux gym/ defense in main gym and weight training at 3:30-5:00pm We can not start until 3:30pm due to Teacher after school meetings for the other coaches.

Tuesday Feb. 25 - No workouts

Wednesday Feb. 26 - 2:30pm Pitchers Long Toss/ Catch and Weight Training - all players grades 9-12.

Wednesday Feb. 26 - 5-7pm in aux gym at EAHS - 8th graders only - Hitting

Thursday Feb. 27 - No workouts - Spring Sports Parent Meeting at 6pm

Friday Feb. 28 - 2:30pm Pitchers / Catchers Bullpens and Hitting and Defense in Both gyms for grades 9-12 all players.

First day of PIAA Practice and real tryouts will be held March 3, 2014. With an expected indoor schedule it is very important that you look here to www.roverbaseball.com for the days and times you will need to be at practice. This schedule will be posted next weekend!

Intramural Workout Schedule February 17-21
February 14, 2014
Monday, February 17 - School Closed

Tuesday, February 18 - 2:40-5pm Both Gyms - All players - Grades 9-12 - Pitchers Bullpens/Defense in Main Gym/ Hitting in Aux. Gym/Weights

Wednesday, February 19 - Long Toss - Weight Room - All players - Grades 9-12

Thursday, February 20 - None - Grades 9-12

Friday, February 21 - 2:40-5pm - Both Gyms - All Players - Grades 9-12 - Pitchers Bullpens/Defense in Main Gym/ Hitting in Aux. Gym/Weights

8th Graders - Hitting Workouts in Aux. Gym at EAHS on Wednesday and Friday Night from 5-7pm this week!!!!!!

Intramurals Week of Feb. 10-14
February 10, 2014

Grades 9-12 - Monday at 5-7pm in aux gym for hitters and pitchers and catchers bullpens

Grades 9-12 - Wednesday - Pitchers long toss if possible weather wise or gym catch and weight training

Grades 9-12 - Friday - 2:30-4:30 Pitchers and Catcher Bullpens/ Hitters in aux gym

Grade 8 only - Wednesday at 5-7 pm in auxilary gym at EAHS for hitting in batting cages

Intramural Update
February 6, 2014
Next workout for intramurals will be held Friday after school at 2:40.... It will include hitting in the auxilary gym, pitching bullpens, and weight training work in the weight room. All players are expected to attend.

Also - there will be a sign up meeting in room B220 on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014 at 2:30 for all interested players for the 2014 season. Physical Paperwork will be given out as well as other important informational bits in order to prepare for tryouts in March. March 3 is the first official day of practice.

An 8th grade meeting will be held at EAMS at 2:50 pm in the cafeteria after school on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014 as well.

Look back here for intramural dates and times for next week for all grade levels Grades 8-12.

Week of January 27-31 Workout schedule
January 27, 2014
Monday Jan. 27 - 5-7pm ( All players Aux Gym - Hitting / Pitching / and Weight Training )
Tuesday - None
Wednesday Jan. 29 - 2:40pm (Hitting Aux Gym - Pitchers / Weight Training)
Thursday - None
Friday - Jan. 31 - 2:40pm - Pitchers - Catchers - and All players Weight Training

Hello everyone - Jarrett Lee recently moved here this past fall from New Jersey and is currently an EAHS student and he played on one of our Fall baseball teams and is currently working out with us. His mother still resides in New Jersey and recently she lost her home in a fire. Jarrett is doing fine and all of his family members are safe but lost many of their personal belongings. Below is an address for anyone who might be interested in helping out this family in their time of need. Thank You.

Click here to support Jarrett's Family

Information Update
January 21, 2014
In case of early dismissal or a school day cancellation in regard to the big snow storm forecasted for the next few days - there are no after school activities allowed in those situations.

Please follow the posted intramural schedule below in the previous announcement and attend the next possible workout when school resumes.

Please continue to workout on your own to prepare yourself for the upcoming season!!

Week of January 20-24 Workout schedule
January 17, 2014
Monday January 20th - No workouts scheduled MLK Holiday

Tuesday January 21st - Pitchers/Catchers report at 4:15pm for Pitching workouts and flat grounds - all pitchers/catchers/ position players hit at 5pm in aux gym

Wednesday January 22nd - Pitchers and Catchers 2:40 Pitchers workout and Long toss - Position players weight training 2:40

Thursday January 23rd - No workouts scheduled

Friday January 24th - 2:40 All players - Pitchers /Catchers Flat grounds and workout - Hitting 3pm in aux gym all players

Intramural Schedule
January 14, 2014
Wednesday Intramural Schedule
2:40-3:10 Pitchers/Catchers Progression from Monday and Long Toss
All Pitchers and Catchers should attend
7-9pm - All players - Aux Gym Hitting and Weight Room Training/Cardio
Note: There is a wrestling match Wed. evening at the high school - please enter the aux gym doors - do not go through main gym lobby.

Thursday - OFF
Friday - Pitchers and Catchers 2:30-3:30
Pitchers/Catchers Progression and Flat grounds
Look for next week's schedule on this site for all players.
Monday - there will be no intramurals due to the Holiday.

Intramurals to Begin Monday January 13, 2014!
January 9, 2014
Intramurals will begin Monday January 13, 2014 from 5-7 pm in the auxiliary gym and pitching room areas. Report to Aux. gym.

Monday - January 13 will begin our winter workouts for our upcoming season.

All Pitchers and Catchers are expected to be there to begin our pre-season throwing program. All position players are also expected to be there as well. We will be hitting in the aux. gym. A full overview of what will be expected and a schedule for futre dates next week and weeks to follow will be given. Please communicate with the coaching staff if there are any issues! It is time to commit yourself to being the best player that you can be!

Parent Form for Bingo Fundraiser - Business Sponsorships
January 7, 2014

Click here to download the Parent Form for Bingo Fundraiser - Business Sponsorships

Winter Pitching and Hitting workouts will begin the week of January 13
January 3, 2014
Pitchers and Catchers will begin bullpens on Mondays and Fridays and all are expected to be there to begin our winter program. Your commitment to our program needs to begin now so that we can have a successful season in 2014.

Times and exact specifics of what will be required will be posted here this coming week.

Hitting dates will also be posted in accordance with the schedule board near the trainers room and gym availability weekly. We will try to hit twice per week again based on availability of auxiliary gym space.

Please commit to being the best player possible by attending these workouts. Consider Easton Baseball as a priority. It will take all of us working hard to create a winning atmosphere in 2014! Please communicate with the coaching staff about any questions you may have.

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
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